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Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network

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Modified on 2012/01/14 22:27 by Administrator Categorized as Skepticism
Chiropractic has been well discussed elsewhere. At its best it's a form of physiotherapy with results not too different (and not too different from a dose of anti-inflammatories), but at it's worst chiropractic is a brand of faith-healing that claims to be able to cure chronic and acute illness merely by cracking spines. It claims to cure betwetting in children, infant colic, asthma and some chiropractors go so far as to suggest they can treat bacterial and viral infections through chiro - an absurd suggestion, especially when the infection they're referring to is an ear infection. There are no spinal nerves running to the ear.

Additionally, chiropractors are often gateways into other nonsense treatments. Many use kinesiology to diagnose ailments - dowsing for a diagnosis - and many recommend homeopathy, naturopathy, TCM, colonic irrigation, ear candling and a host of other debunked alt-med nonsense

Finally, Chiropractors make up the majority of the Australian Vaccination Network's membership base, a sin large enough to condemn the entire profession.

Oh, and this, posted to me on Facebook by a chiropractic assistant from Carine Glades Chiropractic in WA



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