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Uloola Falls Track

Modified on 2012/04/05 15:37 by Administrator Categorized as MTB, RNP
A quick ride in the Royal National Park, from Waterfall Station to Uloola Falls. Originally found via Trailflix. I did this as a short night ride in thrashing rain on 20 Feb 2012 and found it to be pleasant, though probably not worth the drive unless desperate to go for a ride. Which I kinda was. If you're local, or in the area, or have novices in tow, it's probably ideal for a quick hour or so's riding. It took me 58 mins round trip in appalling conditions, but I reckon I could easily get that under 45 mins in the daytime in dry conditions. 12km return.

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The opening section is sealed road, which leads to a large open area. I got a little lost here. The rest of the trail is tucked away just to the right of where you enter the clearing, but since it was night-time, it took me a little while to spot it, as I instead headed for a waterlogged walking trail which I could just see signposted in my light beam.

It's mostly downhill or flat, over mixed terrain, sand, gravelly fire-road, tree roots and exposed rock strata down to the top of the falls, where a short walking track affords what I'm told is a nice view. In thrashing rain at night, not so much. A quick picnic might be OK here, but I just turned round and hammered back up the hill until the lights of what passes for civilisation here in southern climes began to show through the trees. I'd give it a star or two, the riding was definitely fun (though wet tree roots are dodgy on night rides as you don't spot them until you're sliding on them).

Tip: the sand under water is, counterintuitively, easier to ride than the drier sand poking above - which it seems Trailflix notes too. I found that out through experience.

A nice short run for a first RNP trail. There are plenty of other trails around, though.


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