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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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I like music. I like Japanese food. I like hacking code. I really like science, especially physics and biology. I have a soft spot for economics and data analysis. I like geeky t-shirts and I like creative mayhem. I like individual sport - I'm a former (and recently, current) rock climber, mountain biker and skateboarder. I like the work of Douglas Adams, Robert Rankin and Jasper Fforde. I like the Music of Half Man Half Biscuit, The Smiths, The Wedding Present and Tom Waits, among others. I like playing said music on the ukulele, bass and guitar. I like beer and I like wine. I like Cider. I like the internet. I like arguing with people. I like cooking, as long as there's beer or wine. Or cider. Because I really like cider.

I like Twitter

Basically, there's a lot of stuff I like.

Podcasts I Like

  • In Vino Veritas (obviously, since I'm on it)
  • The Mitch Benn Comedy Music Podcast
  • The Bugle
  • More Or Less
  • Quackcast
  • The Pod Delusion
  • The Classic Tales Podcast



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