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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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Stop That Astronaut is a line from a film. The particular film in question is usually left as an exercise for the reader. I've recorded a few things under the name, most of which can be found at the StopThatAstronaut SoundCloud Page. Some can also be found on the StopThatAstronaut YouTube Channel

Why Stop That Astronaut? Well, I used the name for a short-lived web development consultancy I ran along with my mate Dave Lee back in around 2003. So I'd used it as username/email/identity in various places around the web. The domain name went away when the company died, but I still have the usernames and my primary gmail address, so when I set up my YouTube account, I used it as the URL. Same with the Soundcloud page. The "band" was never meant to be called "Stop That Astronaut" but when I submitted "Things you can't say in Victoria" to Mitch Benn's podcast in 2011, I didn't specify the name it was recorded under, and "Stop That Astronaut" was how it was eventually announced. So it stuck.

Yeah, not that interesting, but still, that's how it was

I've appeared a couple of times on the Mitch Benn Comedy Music Podcast, first with "Things You Can't Say In Victoria" and second with "The Pain Of Being Different". My take on "Yakkity Sax" has been picked up by ABC radio and used in a couple of trailers.

I have an Evernote Notepad with about 50 or 60 songwriting ideas that I haven't completed yet, so I expect to put at least one or two new comedy songs out in time.

I've also done a few covers, generally by bands from my teenage years - such as The Smiths.

Comedy by StopThatAstronaut


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