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Oh dear
"Christian Schools Australia chief executive Stephen O'Doherty told the ABC there is nothing wrong with singing an additional verse. "What sort of nation is it if somebody wants to stop young kids from singing that they want to be servants of their nation; they want to build community on the strong foundations of their belief in God?"" What, did the kids take a fucking vote or something? Stephen, what the hell are you on about? The kids are compelled to sing this tripe and you know it.

1 month ago - About Schools under fire for 'Christian' national anthem - ABC ... - abc.net.au

What Brian Martin fails to notice...
...is, firstly, that the AVN's continued misrepresentations of data, dissembling and outright lies makes "debating" the issue with them a fruitless exercise. A debate is worthless if one side deliberately lies to further their cause, and this is what the AVN does. Martin is extremely naive to suggest that this is an area in which civil debate would be productive. Secondly, immunology and epidemiology are areas in which the layman is likely to be lost, confused, mistaken and plain wrong. If there is to be a debate, it should be among qualified individuals, not among the misinformed public. Should there be a debate between civil engineers and uninformed laypeople about whether tapioca is a suitable material for bridge building? Thirdly, the AVN were investigated by appropriate authorities and found wanting. They are a danger to public health and continued abusers of charity and fair trading laws. They don't get a magical exemption from these because one backwater academic thinks they should.

2 months ago - About Vaccination “should be freely debated” - News & ... - media.uow.edu.au

Absolute bollocks
"... based on sophisticated combinations of homeopathic processes. When placed along sensitive acupuncture meridian points..." I haven't seen a more transparent con-job, well... ever. You'd need to have had quite a few heavy blows to the head to sign on as an endorser of this nonsense. Oh, wait....

2 months ago - About CieAura Lands a Knockout With Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao - prweb.com

Absolute Nonsense
Homeopathy is no more than an elaborate placebo whose claimed mechanisms are non-scientific and utterly implausible. For a government body to be promoting the use of what is essentially plain water for genuine medical issues is irresponsible in the extreme see http://www.1023.org.uk for thorough explanations of homeopathy from a scientific standpoint, and genuine research on its effects, or more specifically, lack of effect.

2 months ago - About Homeopathy | Better Health Channel - betterhealth.vic.gov.au

Call to probe rant on vaccines

2 months ago - About contact us - newtowncommunitychiropractic.com.au

Beware Weiner's "evidence"
from: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/call-to-probe-rant-on-vaccines/story-e6frg6n6-1226116314545 AUSTRALIA'S health regulator is facing calls to investigate a prominent chiropractor who said vaccines contain "toxic poison". In a public talk, the Sydney chiropractor linked vaccines to asbestos, thalidomide and cigarettes, and said they contained bits of aborted fetus. The chiropractor backed the debunked research of deregistered British doctor Andrew Wakefield - which suggested the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine might cause autism - as "scientifically good". The parents and pregnant women who attended the talk in March were told "homeopathic vaccines" - which are regarded as scientific nonsense by most experts - were safer than conventional vaccines. The comments by Nimrod Weiner, who is vice-president of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (NSW), were recorded by Australian Doctor. They were condemned as "outrageous" yesterday by the Australian Medical Association. In his talk, Mr Weiner said vaccine makers grew germs such as the chicken pox virus "on human fetus, because it's the best medium to grow it on". "What happens is they take a scraping of that aborted fetus with the virus on it, and put that into the vaccine itself," he said. In fact, a federal government guide says while fetal cells are used to make some vaccines, these are the lab-grown descendants of cells taken from three fetuses aborted for medical reasons more than 40 years ago, since when no further fetuses have been used. Mr Weiner discussed the use of the mercury-containing preservative thiomersal in vaccines, saying that while some said this was safe, "it's important to remember people told us many different things were safe, such as asbestos and thalidomide and cigarettes - all of those things we know are harmful to us". "Experts tell us that mercury is safe, vaccines are safe, but there's rising evidence that's just not the case." Robert Booy, immunisation expert at the Children's Hospital in Westmead, Sydney, said the comments on mercury were "completely wrong" and individuals "can get more mercury from eating tuna out of tins than you can from vaccines". AMA president Steve Hambleton said the comments were "almost a textbook of everything you could say that's incorrect", and called on the Chiropractic Board of Australia to intervene. Adelaide chiropractor Phillip Donato, chairman of the Chiropractic Board of Australia - one of the 10 national registration boards that are part of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - said chiropractors were expected to offer advice that was "absolutely balanced, non-biased and evidence-based". "It appears at the very least that he (Mr Weiner) is misinformed, and at the worst may be providing misleading information," Mr Donato said. "We would encourage people to put in a notification (to the board), and we would deal with it." Mr Weiner declined to comment, referring questions from The Australian to a PR company, which said the Chiropractors Association of Australia (NSW) had no position on vaccination and "any comments that Nimrod Weiner may have made would be his private opinions, not those of the association".

2 months ago - About welcome - newtowncommunitychiropractic.com.au

As if we didn't know before...
... this letter merely underlines the point. Nile is an unreasonable religious fundamentalist with a clear disregard for reason, evidence and integrity. Why is even he still in office? 2 months ago - About Fred Nile In Bid To End Ethics Lessons In Schools - smh.com.au

Mischaracterises both the census and the non-religious campaigns
As explained HERE by @askegg http://richarddawkins.net/discussions/642453-australian-christian-lobby-lie-about-census-campaign

2 months ago - About Remember to mark Christian on the ... - australianchristianlobby.org.au

At no point does Martin address the non-factual nature of the "speech" in question
The AVN have been demonstrated, repeatedly, to promulgate information that is palpably untrue. When challenged with evidence, Dorey's prefferred tactic is to delete the facts and persists in promulgating untruths. For example, Dorey's ability to spout convincing-counding statistics is untrammelled by her inability to correctly pass on such simple facts as the number of Childhood vaccinations in the Australian childhood schedule http://www.mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/07/18/504.aspx Dorey was corrected with references, the corrections were summarily deleted. None were abusive. This is a blatant denial of facts in favour of flawed ideology. This behaviour, I was always led to believe, crosses the line from simple ignorance and stupidity into medacity and lies. The right to free speech is not a right to lie with impunity. In short, take your PoMo and shove it, Brian.

3 months ago - About Caught in the vaccination wars (part 2) - bmartin.cc

"Logic. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Sorry, if you’re an evangelist zealot who can’t keep his proselytising out of school, then you *are* unemployable in a secular system. If you can keep control of your rabid desire to spread the gospels, then you’re not. Logic. Your comment is awaiting moderation." Just in case the usual tactic of silencing public dissent happens. Not that christian blogs ever silence dissent, of course. Oh no. Surely not?

5 months ago - About Carr on Chaplaincy « breadandjustice - breadandjustice.wordpress.com

Mike Stuchbery's Reply is here:
http://blogs.abc.net.au/drumroll/2011/05/aasalamu-aleikum-mr-donnelly-.html You're welcome.

5 months ago - About All cultures and religions are not created equal - The ... - abc.net.au

Oh Hai! You seem to be lost!
You're looking for information on homeopathy, and all you've found is a template-based, poorly designed, freebie-hosted, non-authoritative website written by some random numpty. Well, I feel for you. You want information, not bullshit, isn't that right? So try htp://www.1023.org.uk/ and/or http://www.howdoeshomeopathywork.com/ You're welcome!

7 months ago - About 1023 Homeopathy: A Rational Choice - Home - 1023homeopathy.org.uk

Warren Sipser is not a doctor
He is a chiropractor, not an MD. Chiropractors are not trained in immunology or vaccination issues and are not qualified to give advice thereon. Their industry body includes this in their code of conduct. Sipser's qualifications consist of a BSc in Applied Science, and a BSc in chiropractic. No sign of any qualification which would justify the title "doctor" there at all. Conventionally, "Doctor" is reserved for MDs, specialist medical doctors holding equivalent qualifications to an MD, or holders of PhDs. Sipser fulfills none of these criteria. Sadly, Australia's laws protecting the title "doctor" were changed in July 2010, making us one of the only modern countries without proper protection of this term. This makes it very important for Australians to examine the qualifications of claimed "doctors" carefully, and to report any misleading information found to the appropriate regulatory authority at a state or federal level. And please, Herald Sun/Telegraph - try and keep a lid on the irresponsible reporting.

9 months ago - About Vaccine ruling 'dangerous', warns doctor | Herald Sun - heraldsun.com.au

An Answer
"Are the QLD floods the result of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel?" No You worthless ghoul.

9 months ago - About Are the QLD floods the result of Kevin Rudd ... - catchthefire.com.au

Based purely on patient reports?
No clinical follow-up? So in essence, completely open to confirmation bias on the part of both experimenter and subjects, placebo effect (no control), and expectation effects (where the subject tells the experimenter what they think the experimenter wants to know). And all drawn from a non-random base of HP believers, who already have the idea that HP works? METHODOLOGY FAIL

9 months ago - About homeoprophylaxis-a-fifteen-year-clinical-study-dr-... - doctorbhatia.com

Comment 343 redacted by blog owner, dishonestly
For the full comment, read here: http://www.mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/12/12/Redact-Redact-Redact.aspx

10 months ago - About davidould.net - Lennox Debating the Atheists - ... - davidould.net

Naturopathy is nonsense
Deal with it. Get a real job Oh, and you only get the title "doctor" because of a Maine loophole. Everywhere else, you're just some deluded guy who wasted good money on a bad qualification. That might be something you should learn to deal with too.

10 months ago - About MALONEY MEDICAL - maloneymedical.com

Christopher Maloney is a Quack
And he's also clueless about what motivated the internet calling him a quack. "The group is directly involved in attacking anyone who does not agree with their beliefs" No, they're directly involved in attacking stupid, unproven, evidence-free beliefs and those who push those beliefs on others, for money, endangering health and making the world a slightly worse place to live. That is all.

10 months ago - About Quack Attack: An Explanation of The... - alternativendhealth.wordpress.com

With a Bachelor's in Health Science and a masters of chiro? Where's your PhD, "doctor"? Or your MD? You're not a doctor, why are you claiming to be one?

10 months ago - About Dr Brett Hill - Eat, Think, Move, Chiropractic - drbretthill.com

Not a doctor
A chiropractor. Big difference. Chiropractors are not permitted to call themselves doctors in Australia unless they have a PhD or other genuine qualification aside from their chiropractic diploma. "Dr Brett" has no such thing. Don't be fooled by this quack.

10 months ago - About My concerns about the swine flu vaccine - Dr... - independentweekly.com.au

George Pell, Bigoted Asshole
But then again, we all knew that, right?

11 months ago - About Faithless are coarse, uncaring and without purpose, says ... - smh.com.au

PowerBalance's poor cousin
Eken makes claims almost identical to PowerBalance, which has been thoroughly panned by the Australian TGA, and awarded a CHOICE Shonky Award http://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/tga-calls-on-power-balance-to-withdraw-claims-and-advertising/ Suffice to say, Eken bands don't work either.

11 months ago - About EKEN Power Bands - ekenpowerbands.com.au

Complete and utter pseudo-scientific nonsense
Q-LInk mini cannot perform as claimed. if it did, your phone would stop working. Don't believe the snake-oil salesmen. http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/11/04/540.aspx

11 months ago - About Q-Link Mini « Engrmuh's Blog - computerbeast.wordpress.com

Applied Kinesiology: How it's done
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Piu75P8sxTo This video explains the quack test described in Shuzi's introduction blurb. It's nothing more than a confidence trick, and the writer was completely taken in, clearly. Welcome to the world of kinesiology scams.

11 months ago - About Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect... - shuzihealthjewellery.com.au

This product is truly unique
Except it's not. It's just another q-link/powerbalance/hotband piece of nonsense, spruiked by salespeople using applied kinesiology to convince the gullible that an effect exists where no effect is actually present. Australian Skeptics (skeptics.com.au) have offered Shuzi their $100,000 prize for good evidence of efficacy. None will be forthcoming

11 months ago - About Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect... - shuzihealthjewellery.com.au

Charlie Brown is either gullible, scientifically illiterate or paid for comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PieL-4jkO88 The QLink is utter quackery and nonsense. http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/11/04/539.aspx#1465 http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/11/04/540.aspx Charlie! How are you connected to Steve Fenech?

11 months ago - About Charlie's blog - Life & Technology - charliesblog.com.au

Video doesn't seem to allow comments, so...
Qlink is nonsense, as is EMF sensitivity. Wait, what? "giving birth to perceived bacterias, viruses, yeasts and moulds" Where did you find this doctor, 1653? http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/11/04/540.aspx

11 months ago - About YouTube - Q-Link Golf - Golf Pros Love QLink - Watch ... - youtube.com

More info on this story at my blog
It appears there's more to this than meets the eye, including Stephen Fenech's link to the QLink company through his brother http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/11/04/539.aspx

11 months ago - About Mobile radiation shield released | The Daily ... - dailytelegraph.com.au

Obvious Quackery
And I thought News group had won me back with their Star Trek apology post from yesterday. Oh well. Ben Goldacre rips QLink a new one here: http://www.badscience.net/2007/05/the-amazing-qlink-science-pedant/

11 months ago - About Mobile radiation shield released | The Daily ... - dailytelegraph.com.au

Looks like Meryl left out an important URL
And that URL is http://www.stopantivaxnetwork.com/ Don't take Meryl's word for it. Find out for yourselves.

11 months ago - About Who’d have thought this would happen in Australia? - livingnow.com.au

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Keep buying my stuff!!"

1 year ago - About Skeptical about the skeptics: The Health Ranger ... - naturalnews.com

An extremely apt title...
... but not for the reasons Meryl chose it The fact remains that Meryl's weakest area of expertise is still in the area of numbers. From her claims that a 12-vaccine childhood schedule actually consists of 31 vaccines to her claim that an ~85% prevention rate means "the vaccine did nothing", Meryl can always be relied upon for a game stab at lying with numbers. And again, here she is. First, she decides that an article from 12 years ago so comprehensively undermines the credibility of medicine that it's worth playing as a trump card. It's not. Then she decides to pontificate on how death rates are more accurate. They're not There are many reasons why not, but here's a mere sampling: Meryl's thesis is specifically about vaccines. Death rates are affected by far more variables than vaccine prophylaxis. The primary variable here is, crudely, medical science's ability to save the life of someone already infected. This has been improving for hundreds of years, and is the largest factor in death rates, but has zero effect on incidence. Simply put, the incidence rate can begin one year at 100 cases and 50 deaths, then a new intervention is found which saves 40 of those 50 dead people. The overall incidence may stay at 100 the next year, but the death rate has been cut to 1/5th of the original. Another reason is that death is not the only important outcome in a disease, though Meryl's black-and-white thinking processes perhaps believe it is. Many diseases cause permanent injury without necessarily causing death. Death rate, by definition, is useless here, and permanent injury is also affected by intervention. Yet another reason is that Vaccination is not the only prophylactic intervention. Under the heading of "improved hygiene" come prophylactic measures such as sewerage, water purification and filtration, quarantine measures and a raft of other variables. Even included here may be "improved standard of living". A child in a crowded, underfunded school is far more liklely to transmit infections than one in a well-funded, uncrowded, well-managed institution. The only way to prove a case for any prophylactic intervention is strict control of variables. If Meryl was a sheepdog and variables the sheep, we'd be waiting all day for her to get them into the pen. Meryl's thesis is not helped in any way by her narrow focus on crude death-rate variables. She has done nothing to control for confounding variables in any of her 30,000 foot overview, but then tries to conclude that these very same confounding variables are the sole cause of a decline in disease, while vaccination did nothing at all. Rather a long bow to draw given that the groundwork to prove that case has not even been attempted. No control for confounding variables means the case has not been, and can not be, made. F-, see SAVN after class for remedial study. The only lies in this post are flowing from Meryl's keyboard, like blue ice dripping from the jetliner of fail that is the AVN.

1 year ago - About Lies, damned lies and statistics « No Compulsory Vaccination - avn.org.au

Just how gullible are you?
Drying food preserves it. The burger is preserved by drying. You are journalists, apparently Do some research http://nomsandsciunce.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/why-wont-those-mcdonalds-burgers-go-bad/

1 year ago - About Happy Meal 'has no mould after 6 months' - news.smh.com.au

"as if by magic"?
"Suddenly out of the blue an organisation called Stop the Australian Vaccination Network appeared as if by magic" Implying what? Implying the StopAVN are stooges? That we were created by big pharma to crush poor widdle Meryl? So bored with that accusation. No, we're a grassroots group here to oppose inaccurate information from conspiracy nuts. We don't like liars. And, Christina, you're one of them. Where's your evidence that "Many vaccines have been proven to have serious adverse reactions that have been found to cause, Autism, ADHD and other neurological and physical disorders."? The links are bogus, and repeatedly debunked. The only people who still believe it are clinging to it in the desperate hope that they won't be proven wrong. They're scared, paranoid people who need to grow up.

1 year ago - About American Chronicle | Yet Another Blow For The ... - americanchronicle.com

A, C and F are explained here in the official release http://nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/No%20120%20of%202010.pdf Meryl can't even write a good press release. Seriously.

1 year ago - About Media Release - The OLGR's political ... - myemail.constantcontact.com

But Meryl...
Meryl says: "As you can see, the OLGR based their entire decision on the HCCC's demand for us to declare ourselves as being anti-vaccine" Really? What do items (b), (d) and (e) say? You only cite (a), (c) and (f). Chances are, since you omitted them, they don't support your thesis that it's all about the HCCC. Is this, in fact, true?

1 year ago - About Media Release - The OLGR's political ... - myemail.constantcontact.com

10 reasons why you shouldn't listen to the AVN
1: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 2: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 3: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 4: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 5: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 6: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 7: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 8: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 9: http://www.hccc.nsw.gov.au/Publications/Media-Releases/PUBLIC-WARNING-/default.aspx 10: http://www.stopantivaxnetwork.com/

1 year ago - About 10 Reasons Why Parents Question Vaccination - nourishedmagazine.com.au

Just not true
The SIFY.com article is a gross distortion of the actual facts, and this page just builds on it. The BMJ "article" is in fact a letter in response to an earlier article, and it doesn't say what SIFY claims it does. Details here: http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/07/30/508.aspx

1 year ago - About VRM: Multi-Virus Vaccine Quinvaxem ... - vaccineresistancemovement.org

This article is just inaccurate
The "UK report in the BMJ" was not a report in the BMJ at all, but a letter *to* the BMJ from a group of Indian doctors. Even then, it did NOT say that the vaccine led to any deaths. It was a letter complaining about methodological arcana, and in no way describes deaths from vaccines. Full explanation here: http://www.mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/07/30/508.aspx Journalism fail. Shame on you, Sify.com

1 year ago - About Five-in-one vaccine led to child deaths: experts - sify.com

‘‘vaccines are part of a global conspiracy to implant mind control chips into every man, woman and child and that the ‘illuminati’ plan a mass cull of humans’’
Quote from Meryl Dorey: "Mr McLeod and the others associated with his hate group have continually stated that I believe these outrageous and ridiculous statements. The reason they make this statement is because last year, I posted an article about the Swine Flu vaccine that was printed in the Pakistan Daily to my blog. According to them (and the page is no longer up so it is impossible for me to check the proof of this statement), there was a link to a website owned by a David Icke who believes the statements Mr McLeod attributes to me." Quote in response, from a member of Stop The AVN: "If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say it is pretty convenient the page is no longer up. The original link might not work, but the page is still available here: http://www.daily.pk/flu-is-not-the-biggest-danger-its-the-vaccine-7471/ I think the issue here is that: Ken never said there was a "link to a website owned by a David Icke" - the "outrageous and ridiculous" statements were in the actual article Meryl Dorey linked to, not just reachable by clicking on links, but in the text of the freakin' article. Really Meryl, just read the article. If you didn't endorse the contents, why bother linking to it?"

1 year ago - About AVN Response to Sydney Morning Herald Article – 27/7/10 « ... - avn.org.au

Unfortunately for Meryl, her claims don't stack up
Meryl claims in this blog that she did not breach her privacy policy (or Australian privacy law). Thing is, her claim doesn't seem to stack up. For instance, there's this blog post from a recipient of the email in question http://tashage.blogspot.com/2010/07/off-topic.html This blogger went so far as to contact Nick Haas at IMCV, who confirmed, twice, that Meryl had shared her mailing list with him, a clear breach. Further damning evidence, the email came from the vaccinationcouncil.org domain name, suggesting that they were sent by IMCV, and not by Meryl as she claims. These are serious allegations, make no mistake, and doubtless complaints to ACMA will be investigated in the fullness of time, however the response from IMCV is quite damning: It appears Meryl breached the privacy of her user base, and should have the courage to fess up rather than digging herself a deeper hole. I myself will be requesting a copy of the offending mail with headers intact, which will indicate from which email service the message originated. I think that will settle the debate once and for all.

1 year ago - About The skeptics get it wrong – again « No Compulsory Vaccination - avn.org.au

Beware False medical claims
There is no good evidence that homeopathic medicine offers any benefit beyond placebo. Scientific study consistently fails to find any result from homeopathy, and the only studies which find a positive effect are poorly-controlled, non-scientific "studies" run by homeopaths themselves. To rely on homepathy/homeoprophylaxis is irresponsible and a potential danger to public health. Do not listen to the claims of homeopaths in this area. For genuine information on Homeopathy, visit the 10:23 campaign at http://www.1023.org.uk/

1 year ago - About Natural Immunisation of Children - twolegsandfour.com.au

Often misleading, and a danger to public health
The twitter account "nocompulsoryvac" is run by Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network, an anti-vaccination group. Meryl usually claims to be "pro choice" rather than anti-vaccination, however please contrast this with the following quotation: "There will come a time – I pray to God that it will happen in my lifetime – when those who have pushed vaccines upon innocent, helpless babies – doctors, pharmaceutical companies, government officials – will be proven to have lied and cheated these instruments of death into our children’s bloodstream" Meryl Dorey, President, Australian Vaccination Network AVN Yahoo group, 17 Dec 2008, message #36449 It is clear from this that Meryl's "pro choice" claims are just another untrue claim. Consider also Meryl's regular claim that "pharmaceutical & chemical companies are the largest buyers of advertising?", a demonstrably false statement dissected at the following URL: http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/06/03/491.aspx For more information on the claims, untruth, misinformation and conspiracy-mongering promulgated by this group, please visit http://www.antivaxxers.com/ - where the AVN's claims are subjected to detailed scrutiny. For those who wish to join the opposition to the AVN, the organising hub is on Facebook, at http://www.facebook.com/stopavn/ and can be found via the #stopavn twitter hashtag.

1 year ago - About Vaccination Network (nocompulsoryvac) on Twitter - twitter.com

Meryl accuses the owner of VAIS of duplicity...
... yet recently registered several domain name related to "Australian Sceptics" herself, spending the AVN's good money at a time when she claimed the organisation was struggling http://twitpic.com/1a9box I smell hypocrisy, as usual. The fact remains that VAIS is legally registered and legitimate. Baaaw more, Meryl.

1 year ago - About The Skeptics get it wrong – AGAIN! « No Compulsory ... - avn.org.au

Meryl accuses the owner of VAIS of duplicity
Yet she herself recently registered a number of domain names related to "Australian Sceptics". http://twitpic.com/1a9box Hypocrisy, much?

1 year ago - About The Skeptics get it wrong – AGAIN! « No Compulsory ... - avn.org.au

Meryl accuses the owner of VAIS of duplicity
Yet she herself recently registered a number of domain names relating to the name "Australian Sceptics" http://twitpic.com/1a9box Hypocrisy, anyone?

1 year ago - About The Skeptics get it wrong – AGAIN! « No Compulsory ... - avn.org.au

“The real challenge is to develop a rigorous methodology to investigate homeopathy,” she said. This methodology exists. It's called "science". Homeopathy has failed. Just let go.

1 year ago - About http://www.northernstar.com.au/story/2010/03/08/homeopathy-branded-weak/

This is not the real Sean The Blogonaut
This is http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/02/21/455.aspx

1 year ago - About I’m Sean The Blogonaut - Dave The Happy Singer - davethehappysinger.com

This is not the Real Sean The Blogonaut
This is: http://mycolleaguesareidiots.com/archive/2010/02/21/455.aspx

1 year ago - About I’m Sean The Blogonaut - podblack.com

Mike has clearly lost it
... if he ever "had it" in the first place. Some reaction to Mike's crazy rantings of the last few days can be found via Skeptico: http://skeptico.blogs.com/skeptico/2010/01/mike-adams-pyromaniac-in-a-strawman-factory.html

1 year ago - About 'Skeptics' article stirs up condemnation from ... - naturalnews.com

Another hissy fit, Mike?
I think perhaps you need a calming cup of herbal tea.

1 year ago - About http://www.naturalnews.com/028020_Shorty_Awards_fraud.html

I think Mike needs help

1 year ago - About What 'skeptics' really believe about vaccines, ... - naturalnews.com

Adams was banned for voting fraud. Try not to defend him

1 year ago - About http://secretsofnaturalhealing.blogspot.com/2010/01/shorty-awards-voting...

Will Mike find this and whine?
Come on mike, do it. Do it. Whine about this blog post. You know you want to.

1 year ago - About Mike's $10,000 is quite safe - mycolleaguesareidiots.com

It is important to note...
That shorty awards votes are a matter of public record. Mike is in fact lying in this article on a couple of points "The voters for the opposition mostly had no idea who or what they were even voting for". Sure, some voters had these kind of reasons. I'm afraid @HealthRanger's supporters weren't better. Twitter search would be very useful, however Machine Gun Keyboard scanned some of the fake accounts voting for HealthRanger here http://machinegunkeyboard.com/healthranger_fakevotes.txt HealthRanger is also implying that he was in the lead when canned. Not true. Dr Rachael Dunlop had been in the lead for some time, despite the sockpuppetry employed by Mike Adams or his supporters. Still, this is what we've come to expect from Adams. His supporters have now redeployed in support of @mercola, apparently not realising that they're placing their second-favourite candidate in the same illegitimate-vote position as @HealthRanger. Gullible is as gullible does, I'm afraid.

1 year ago - About Shorty Awards exposed as rigged contest; all ... - naturalnews.com

More whining from a natural health advocate
Oh, the laughter. Shorty votes are a matter of public record, and shorty rules state that accounts created solely for voting are against the rules. The fact remains that the majority of Adams's votes in the latter part of the voting came from these newly created accounts. Breach of rules, clearly. Whether it was Adams himself creating them or his supporters, the result is the same: vote fraud. Adams's shrill cries of fraud are indicative of a man who knows he's been caught out.

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Natural Health Quack spits dummy, accuses awards of fraud
@HealthRanger, Mike Adams's Twitter account, was removed from Shorty Award voting when it emerged that rampant sockpuppetry was being employed either by Mike or by his followers. New accounts were being created every few minutes, used to vote for @HealthRanger, then abandoned. Shorty Awards management pulled Adams from the contest. He had a wig-out. Hilarity ensued. http://shortyawards.com/

1 year ago - About Shorty Awards exposed as rigged contest; all ... - naturalnews.com


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