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I've been a web dev for approaching 15 years, 13 of those professionally. Well, sort of. These days I'm a full-time SharePoint Consultant and Architect, but I still do enough development to keep my hand in.

I used to write mostly ASP 3.0 (in JScript), but transitioned to ASP.NET from 2002 or so. I've also deployed PHP and Perl into production environments, done some ActionScript, spent a lot of time messing around with ImageMagick, tons of database work in SQL Server (6.5 onwards) and MySQL. On the client-side, I've done a shedload of Javascript work and have a soft spot for JQuery. These days I specialise in SharePoint, mostly as an administrator, but I'm not bad with 2010 WebParts, event handlers and Web Services apps. I'm an ex-Microsoftie (four years in Microsoft Premier Support and several as an MVP included), so the majority of my experience is in MS environments.

This section of the wiki will get code segments, reference stuff, code, musings and miscellaneous geekery. It'll also contain some archived articles from my old programing tutorials site(s) InfiniteMonkeys and RTFM.