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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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2012 Careflight Oaks Classic

  • 35th in 30-39 category (ridden against doctor's orders due to viral infection)

2012 Kanagra Classic

  • 1st home Kanangra Burn Prologue (unofficial race)
  • 6th 4th in Veteran age group, Kanangra Classic 100km, 14th overall. 4:51:02

My first 100km race, and probably a good choice for it. Mainly firetrail and doubletrail, there's no upper-body trashing singletrack. The field was also more relaxed, without the super-competitive XCM crowd on board. This means a good result is more attainable, which in turn gives motivation to race more. 2013 should be a good year.

2012 Briar's Highland Fling

DNS (car failure meant I missed the start line)

2013 Capital Punishment


Results: 210th overall (719 finishers), 91st in Male Open. 4:47:55 Net Time.

A little disappointing, since the race was largely over with a painful snap cramp at ~12km while accelerating out of a corner to catch another rider, making the rest of the day an exercise in careful muscle management. The winning Elite time was just over 3:30, for comparison. Still, no use crying over spilt milk - and it was still a fantastic day out on the bike. Faster time than my first 100kmer at Kanangra, on a much harder course (though the untimed section makes the comparison a tricky one)

2013 Shimano MTB GP

Round 1 Awaba

16th in Elite Male Solo 4 hour. 29th in Overall Solo Male 4 hour - A fantastic day out. Lost somewhere between five and ten minutes assisting an injured rider, but didn't request a time adjustment as I wouldn't have gained a category place anyway.

First race in the Elite category and first stab at the XC timed enduro format. Strava Trace

Round 2 James Estate Winery

Skipped round due to house sale jiggery-pokery

Round 3 Ourimbah

18th in Elite Male Solo 4 hour 34th in Overall Solo Male 4 hour

Went through four CO2 cylinders, had three (minor) crashes. Tubeless setup is currently most temperamental and will need sorting out before the next round. Excellent day out. Very technical track saw a lot of people on the deck, and a lot of tricky overtaking.

Strava Trace | RacePics

Round 4 Mount Annan

Retired due to mechanical (pedal body parted company from spindle, leaving me to limp home one-footed. I now have a spare pair in my race kit)

24th in Male GP4 Solo Elite

Round 5 Stromlo

A big weekend of racing, blogged here. Pics here

18th in Male GP4 Solo Elite

Series results

19th in Male GP4 Solo Elite, 48pts

2013 Chocolate Foot Singletrack Mind series

Round 2 Coondoo Road, Nowra

Raced as a pair for Velofix Rozelle, partnered with Steve Kick. Finished 14th in Male Pairs.

Round 3 Awaba

My first solo 7 hour and a race that really punished me. One fairly hard crash on lap 5, high temperatures, dry sandy trail and a tricky loose section at the top of the course all meant I didn't exceed my targets, but nonetheless finished 12th in Open Male Solo 7hr Strava

2013 Convict 100

May 4th 2013, St Albans.

142nd overall, 53rd in category

Crashed hard and heavy between feed zones 1 & 2. This kinda took the wind out of my sails, which were billowing quite confidently up until that point. From the crash onward, I failed to find any rhythm, couldn't stay comfortable on the bike and started to really dislike Australian geology. Two stops to rectify a leaky tubeless tyre didn't help - later I found it was due to a badly dented rim, picked up hitting a rock in the middle of a bunch of rocks on top of a load of rock while trying to dodge a rock (did I mention I hate Australian geology?)

Strava Trace | Race report

2013 Careflight Oaks Classic

5th in Veterans (30-39) classification, with a time of 48:02 - an average speed of over 30km/h. Missed out on the podium when chased down in the fast section by group tactics, then blew the last corner leaving no chance to overtake the two riders ahead of me

2013 Kanangra Classic

I intend to return and better 2012's time by at least fifteen minutes. Since this is all firetrail, there's potential for a very fast average.

Race cancelled due to bushfires. Disappointing but a completely understandable decision.

2013 Briars Highland Fling

Hoping the car actually gets me there this time The car in fact *didn't* get me there, so I got a lift.

47th in revised Male Veterans, 132nd overall (some weirdness on the site says I'm 47th on one page, 49th on another)

Wet, windy conditions. Got a bad starting position about 2/3 of the way down the Full Fling field, chased hard for the opening sections. Front shock failed somewhere around 10km in. Some tweaking at transition #1 left me with a locked out suspension setup, so I lost time on descents, corrugations and rough sections. Uphills and groomed sections were pretty much unaffected, so I spent a lot of time taking back places there.

Ten minutes at the halfway feeding station and a borrowed shockpump got me a small amount of travel back, which lasted for a few kms before pretty much disappearing again.

Cramp management in the last part of Wingello had me yo-yoing off and on a few different groups as I tried to get away, cramped, got pulled back, then escaped again. around 70km was overtaken by Lachlan Morton of the Garmin Sharp WorldTour team, and met Han Strating, a Strava mate who I'd never met in person. Which was nice.

Pulled away into a headwind and lost Han, who I thought had taken my wheel. Opted to not refill at last transition, as I'd hardly touched my reserve bottle. Stage 3 felt endless, but managed to get home with the Garmin showing a sub-6-hour time. Official time: 5:48:49

One day, I will ride an XCM without a mechanical, an injury or a crash.


2014 WSMTB JetBlack/Weldtite 4 hour series Round 2

Actually the first round, but the previous round was cancelled

14th in Solo Male, 10 laps in 4:14:02. Provisional had me 13th, but final revisions dropped me a place.


19-1-14 at Yellomundee - not my favourite track since I broke a rib there in 2012. First hit out on the Bianchi Methanol hardtail 29er. Psychologically and physically tough, first race after a bit of a break and hadn't been off-road for over a month. Upper body took a serious beating - including a ten-cent piece blister on my right hand - making it very hard to descend the rough sections quickly. Never really got good cornering form - a combination of not enough off-road time and a quite new bike with a riding position revised only a couple of days before.

Nevertheless a pretty good result in a strong field.

LACC Summer Twilight Crits, Round 1 (23 Jan 2014)

2nd place, C-Grade. First road race, a good result

Waratah Masters Australia Day Graded Scratch Race 2014

Eastern Creek motor sports centre

Finished in the pack, B-Grade.

LACC Summer Twilight Crits, Round 2 (30 Jan 2014)

10th, B-Grade. Too much work on the front, methinks.

LACC Summer Twilight crits 20th Feb 2014

After an injury-blighted couple of weeks, back into B-Grade and shelled straight out the back after 20 minutes (of 25 + bell).

ESCC Twilight crits Heffron Park 25 Feb 2014

C-Grade. Very windy conditions led to tough racing. Aggro in the pack - and a dodgy pedal-down moment - led to me metaphorically flipping the table and quitting after four laps. One should never race angry. Didn't stick around to watch the finish, but apparently C-Grade stayed away for the win.

LACC Summer Twilight Crits 27 Feb 2014

B-Grade. Harsh crosswinds, early attacks and a crash split the field, leaving me pretty much solo for the middle third of the race, though I picked up another straggler to swing leads with for the last third. I made a point of finishing even though I was out of contention, since the previous two races had been DNFs

2014 SCODY Three peaks Challenge

Not actually a race, or so they keep telling us. Finishing time 10:17:31.

2014 Capital Punishment MTB Enduro 100km

Abysmal. 506th overall. Several tubeless punctures, a siezed valve stem, a bad chain jam and a final puncture necessitating running it home from Skyline. Spent well over an hour off the bike, making it something of a wasted day. Blog post on the race here photos


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