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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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I have a couple of other bikes which I don't technically own - they're on loan from Tim, Esther's Dad

Bike 1 is a 2003 Avanti Hammer XC Hardtail. It's an aluminium frame hardtail, with a variable (max 125mm) travel, remote lockout Rockshox Psylo fork. The drive is a Deore and XT mix, with Shimano hydraulic discs. It runs tubeless, but the rear needed a repair so is currently tubed. I commuted on it for the first time on 16/3/12 and wasn't quite as fast as on the full suspension, but I'm sure they'll end up at parity or with the hardtail a touch faster as I get used to both. Then again, the full susp is a long-wheelbase marathon machine and the hardtail a short, nimble XC, so the BMC may still have the edge


The other is a Giant Peloton 8200, for which I also haven't got full specs yet, though the first change has already been done - my classic Selle Italia Flite Ti saddle has gone on it to replace the chunkier one in the pic, though it's not quite ride-ready. Page will update as more details emerge.


Now that I have a second MTB in the stable, the AlpineStars will become a long-term project bike, which I can hopefully restore to some serious glory if I can find the right parts.



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