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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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My Hardtail is a mid-90s* AlpineStars Cro-Mega LX frame, which I bought second hand back in the UK and built up. The only original components left are the frame and the front mech (which is an odd design due to the curved seat-tube). Everything else was added by me.


  • Control Tech stem
  • GripShift SRT600 7-speed shifters
  • USE seatpin
  • Flite Ti saddle
  • Short-cage rear mech (less chain flap, but sensitive to chain length)
  • Club Roost flat bars
  • X-Lite bar-ends
  • SUP 117 CD front wheel on a Hope Ti/Ali DH hub.
  • 36-spoke Mavic 231 rear wheel (hand built by me) on LX hub. (update: wheel died after the Narrowneck run in Jan 2012. Now a Bontrager/Shimano LX 32-spoke)
  • Rock Shox Quadras (about the only fork I could get in 1 1/4" steerer at the time)
  • T-Gear titanium bolt kits
  • DX cranks and rings (tried biopace once, but my knees exploded)
  • XTR Headset

I quite like my bike. I had it shipped from the UK to Australia in 2001 rather than buy a new one. It's old, it's outdated and it's heavier than a modern bike, but I still really like it.


Update mid-Jane 2012: As part of a weight-loss challenge with Esther, I should soon be acquiring a new bike to complement this one, which will probably be put out to pasture as a riding-to-the-shops machine. I'll still bring it out now and again though, when I feel like a little retro hardtail riding.

Update Feb 2012: as intimated above, the new bike has arrived. It's a BMC SpeedFox SF03 and it's fantastic.

*(probably 1992, according to Retrobike.co.uk)



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