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Email To QLD Health Minister Geoff Wilson MP

Modified on 2011/12/15 13:37 by Administrator Categorized as Skepticism, Vaccines
From: Jason Brown
Sent: Thursday, 15 December 2011 1:32 PM
To: 'health@ministerial.qld.gov.au'
Cc: '(redacted)'
Subject: Woodford Festival / anti-vaccine scandal

FAO: Qld Health Minister Geoff Wilson MP

Dear Minister,

You are no doubt aware by now of the current controversy over the Woodford Folk Festival’s inclusion of anti-vaccine campaigner Meryl Dorey in their programme. I write as a concerned member of the community and long-time critic of Ms Dorey and her organisation.

You have no doubt been informed of the NSW HCCC’s unprecedented Public Warning against Ms Dorey’s AVN, and of the NSW OLGR’s withdrawal of their charitable status, the referral of several serious matters to the Attorney General’s office. You may also have been alerted to the fact that WA authorities are now investigating Ms Dorey’s group for making charitable appeals while in that state recently, despite the OLGR’s orders.


And now she is heading to Queensland to spread misinformation, unopposed, via a platform funded in part through public money.

Woodford Organisers appear to remain unapologetic and even combative over the issue, which has exploded via Social Media and has now reached several mainstream media outlets. Dorey and her supporters are crying “conspiracy” and “censorship”, even though this is a case of neither. Ms Dorey is entitled to her opinion, and she is entitled to express it. She is not, however, entitled to a privileged platform generously funded through the public purse.

An aggregated summary of reactions can be found at this wiki site: http://wiki.mycolleaguesareidiots.com/DoreyAtWoodford.ashx

I for one believe it is time to step in and take firm action on behalf of Queensland.

Thank you for your time

Jason Brown


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