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Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network

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For more on this story, see DoreyAtWoodford

Dear Councillor Millar,

I am writing to you this afternoon to express my concern regarding a speaker at the Moreton Bay Regional Council-sponsored Woodford Folk Festival. I have been a proud resident of Cashmere for over seven years, even obtaining my Australian citizenship in Strathpine in 2007, and as such only want what is best for the families of our area. To this end, I feel that remaining silent over the issue of speaker Meryl Dorey, President of the Australian Vaccination Network, is surely not in the best interests of my family, the families of my neighbours or the reputation of Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC).

In 2009 the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission received complaints against the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) and after a 12 month investigation issued a Public Warning against the AVN. The full text can be found here, however I would like to draw your attention to the statement that the AVN "...pose a risk to public health and safetyā€¯. Is this is public image that MBRC, as the third largest local government area in Australia, wants to project?

Councillor Millar, in 2011 we have had outbreaks of whooping cough at (school name redacted) where my child attends as well as a local childcare centre in (suburb redacted) where another one of my children attends. Both of these facilities are bordering your district and many children from your district attend these and other local schools where the same problems are present. I know MBRC has a strong policy concerning vaccination, and indeed I have taken advantage of the free immunisation clinics put on by Council to have my children fully immunised as recommended by my GP as well as all levels of Health Departments in government. Do we in Moreton Bay want someone like Meryl Dorey spreading misinformation, incorrect information and cherry-picked data to our residents with the aim of lowering immunisation rates? Do we want further outbreaks of whooping cough or other potentially dangerous vaccine preventable diseases such as measles sweeping our area and putting our most vulnerable residents at risk?

I am not asking Council to withdraw its sponsorship of the Festival as I fully appreciate the economic benefits of the festival to our Council area. What I am asking Council to do, however, is to make a public statement reiterating its commitment to its current immunisation policy - found here - and letting festival goers know any information regarding vaccination obtained from Mrs. Dorey and her AVN representatives present at the Woodford Folk Festival has been deemed by the New South Wales HCCC to be "inaccurate and misleading" and information should be obtained from our excellent local GPs and immunisation nurses. Do not leave it to public activists such as myself to spread the word about the deliberately misleading and misnamed Australian Vaccination Network.


Amy Ives (Address Redacted)


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