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Like most riders these days, I carry a camera phone. When I'm endangered or injured by a driver, or when they're observed doing something illegal, especially something that impacts on cyclists, I'll be uploading the pictures (and/or videos) here.

25-3-14 - it's been a while since I posted here.

Today I was buzzed in a door zone by a garbage truck. Ironically, he was picking up from Fairfax Media. Who have been contacted, naturally, along with his employer, NSW Police and several other organisations.

Bus (very near miss). 2nd March 2012, 10:10am (New Canterbury Road, Petersham) - reported to STA


Taxi (parked in bike lane). 2nd March 2012, ~10.30am (Union Street, Pyrmont) - abusive on being challenged, reported to CrimeStoppers at the prompting of @nswpolice


White Toyota Corolla NSW AU 97 RP, dangerously cut across me into the corner of Marion Street and Foster Street/Tebbutt Street in Leichhardt, 21-03-2001 at roughly 7:30pm. No photo because the driver left the scene of the incident, even when yelled at to stop. No damage incurred, other than a scare. I was approaching the corner at around 40kph on Marion Street from the direction of Norton Street when the driver passed me by perhaps a metre of so, moved hard to the left, then braked. No amount of yelling seemed to grab her attention, and I just managed to get through the corner undamaged. Had I been travelling straight ahead (as was my right), there'd have been a certain collision. Since I was intending to turn left, there was instead a very tense moment and a lot of yelling.

Crimestoppers report number 5294

White Mitsubishi Colt (might be badged as a Mirage) BD 22 AA(?), Forced me into the centre divider at the junction of Hunter Street and Railway Terrace, Lewisham, at about 10:40am on 27 Mar 2012. Looked at me with disbelief when I attempted to tell her what she'd done. I gestured for her - a middle-aged woman in a particularly ugly patterned outfit - to roll the window down so she could hear me telling her exactly what she'd done. Instead, she started yelling "piss off" at the top of her voice through the closed window. Seriously. Over and over again. IMO: Complete sociopath. I'd deliberately attempted to stay as calm and neutral as the situation allowed, she blew her sanity valve. AVOID.



Same day, 27 Mar 2012, on the return commute, a Red (burgundy?) Holden Commodore Station Wagon, turning right out of Hathern Street into Tebbutt Street decided he didn't want to give way to me, travelling as I was at a mere 30-40km/h up Tebbutt Street and signaling clearly to turn right into Hathern. He pulled out in front of me at speed, wheels spinning, and I narrowly avoided a major incident, though not without some very loud screaming and a lot of concerned passers-by. I didn't get his number, since he screamed off with great alacrity. I know he saw me, and I know he heard me. His windows were wound down, and he looked directly at me as if to gauge how late he could leave it. These are the incidents that make you want to drag someone out of their car and beat them to within an inch of their miserable lives.

A female moped rider followed me round the corner, flipped up her helmet's face shield and asked if I was OK. I replied that yes I was, thanks, and carried on spinning the pedals. I probably should have stopped and had a breather, on reflection, but frankly I was on autopilot due to an adrenaline spike.

Shortly afterwards, attempting to slowly negotiate the notoriously messy traffic on Old Canterbury Road heading towards Railway Terrace, I put my front wheel into a huge stack of wet leaves in the gutter, lost the front wheel of the bike and crashed solidly into the side of a white hatchback. The old lady in the passenger seat asked if I was OK. I was mortified, but indicated I was fine and carried on. A few cars later, I collided solidly with someone's wing mirror. This strip of road really is a lost cause. Had I been using The Greenway, this would never have happened. I got off the road and had a break on the pavement. Fuck the rules, I was too shaken to stay in the traffic stream after three incidents in less than a kilometre.

The second two incidents were, I guess, my fault. Well, the wing mirror was my fault because I was shaky and not calm enough to take the gap. The slip in the greasy gutter was just a flat-out accident. The first incident was an egregious piece of dangerous driving from a wilfully idiotic moron, but since I got no number and no picture or video footage, I have no chance of recourse. The guy just drove off. I'm not sure I'd recognise him again.

This was the worst commute I've had. Ever.

29 Mar 2012 on the inbound commute, around 10.20am. Young female driver in a metallic blue hatchback failed to give way while emerging from Albion Street into Johnston Street, Annandale. I was forced to swerve wide and go into the right lane to avoid her, and of course I yelled pretty loudly, but I considered it too minor to take a pic/record her rego plate/shame her publicly. She was just a bit stupid, though in heavier traffic it may have been an issue. She was obviously chastened by the experience, since she stayed well back from me in the traffic and turned off at Collins Street

Included here so I can get a chronological series of exactly how many incidents I encounter and on what days

11th May 2012, 1.30am. Outside The Star, Pyrmont. Taxi Driver fails to give way at roundabout, forcing me to brake in order to avoid running into the side of his car.


By a strict interpretation of NSW road rules, this may have been legal. The rules are, of course, broken.

Same day, two idiots walking on the Kent street bike lane. Not that dangerous, but stupid.

White Tradie van BG 17 DH - on Wattle Street between Parramatta Road and Ramsay Road. Took exception to something and commenced on an abusive threatening rant. Since I'd just overtook him, I pulled off to the left and grabbed my camera, but he got past before I got in a shot, still blurting a stream of invective. I think I would have been justified in feeling my safety was threatened, since a fat bogan with inadequacy issues in charge of a van could be classed as a dangerous weapon. Tweeted to @nswpolice while on the ride, who suggested I make a report at my local station. I'll probably try Crimestoppers instead, because I don't have unlimited time.

Blue VW Golf NSW Plate AKX 74L, Bowman Street, Pyrmont. Tuesday evening 16th October. I was heading Westward on Bowman at 35+ km/h. Driver was turning riught into Tambua Street heading eastward on Bowman. Seemed unsure whether to give way to me or not (protip: It was my right of way, so give way). Hesitated, then attempted to cross my path. The car was still moving as we intersected, I dodged, narrowly avoiding a serious accident. I was yelling as we intersected.

Remonstrated with the driver, who seemed unaware of what she'd just done, or was trying to the SMIDSY excuse.

The driver appears to be a local resident

A bike is legally a vehicle, If it's a situation in which you'd give way to a car, YOU GIVE WAY

21-5-13 Silver Ford Ute NSW registration number BG 81 XV


Clipped my handlebar with his wing mirror (lightly, but a clip nonetheless) while travelling northdound on Croydon Road approaching Parammatta Road, about 10:30am on 21 May 2013

Obviously I yelled out and called him a dickhead

He proceeded to drive erratically, yelling at me from his car window, and when I moved ahead of him, accelerated in a threatening manner.

At the lights, he stopped, and continued yelling. Stupidly, I engaged. His thesis appeared to be that I "shouldn't be in the middle of the fuckin' lane" (actually, not true). On being told he had no clue what the actual road rules were, he spat at me. Reflexively, I spat back, before gaining control of the situation and moving away from the car. He got one more spit in before driving off, still yelling incoherently in boganese.

His only possible contribution to society would be if he were rendered down for tallow. He would have to be promoted several times before making it to the level of worthless bottom feeding cunt. Enjoy your visit from the cops, you scar-faced piece of scrotum skin.


MMS messages can be sent directly to Crimestoppers on 0459 333 000


Terrible Arguments For and Against Mandatory Helmet Laws

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