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Cooks River Cycleway To Kurnell

Modified on 2012/06/03 20:39 by Jason Categorized as Cycling
The Cooks River Cycleway is my local bike path, living, as I do, in Dulwich Hill. The path cuts right through the Inner West from Homebush Bay back to Tempe, and connects from there to the Brighton-Le-Sands Cycleway, and thence by shared paths to Kurnell at the mouth of Botany Bay

Find more Bike Ride in Dulwich Hill, NE

This page will be an description of the route, updated as I go along with what should become a regular training ride.

Warning: many pedestrians on this path do not know their left from their right. Take care if riding during heavy pedestrian traffic hours.

The Ride To Kurnell and Back

This version starts for my home location, but there are lots of spots at which you can join the cycleway further out or indeed partway along.

Joining the cycleway at the Hutton Street/Karool Ave bridge in Hurlstone Park, (Boat Harbour) head east along the cycleway, crossing Foord Ave and until approaching Marrickville Golf Course at the Ewen Park Tennis Courts.

At this point, cross the river to join Lang Road at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre and cross Wardell Road to re-enter the parkland at Beaman Park. The path follows the south bank of the river until Illawarra Road at Homer street, when a crossing and left turn takes us back onto the north bank through Steel Park and Warren Park, then a right-hand turn over a bridge to Mackey Park and the Concordia Club, emerging onto Richardson's Crescent at Tempe Station.

Enter the station carpark and head right towards the south-west corner (I've spotted foxes here) to rejoin the track. You'll cut to the left under the railway line (warning: this can flood in wet weather, mkaing it impassible) and join View Street at Kendrick Park before coming up against the Princes Highway. This is where routefinding gets a bit strange for some. My route outwards follows, the return route is different, so make sure you check the return notes.

Crossing the Princes Highway, continue straight down Holbeach Avenue past a boat ramp and turn right onto the waterside path. Keeping the water on your right, you'll curve round to the left past several gazebos, tennis courts on your left and join the road just after a playground. Ahead you'll see a bridge off to the right. You'll be crossing this. If you see a sign for the Tempe Driving Range, you've gone too far, though this section can be a pleasant loop if you want to add a little distance to your training ride.

Over the bridge towards the airport, you join Airport Drive. Head right on the pavement (it's designated shared cyclepath) and fork right underneath the Marsh Street Bridge and stay on the path to loop back on yourself leftwards and join the bridge's westbound footpath just after the carpark area.

The footpath takes you up over the Marsh Street Bridge towards the M5 with the golf course on your left, but you won't get that far, as just before the M5 junction, you fork off to the left down a short hill onto a tarmac path. Follow this leftwards (south east) past a small kink/chicane and to a fenced u-turn under the M5 itself, which brings you back up the other side of the motorway overpass to a point where you join Eve Street.

From here, a left turn follows Eve Street on a demarcated cycle path via a short steep climb around Banksia Field and Riverine park, the St George Soccer Stadium as far as Bestic Street. Here you turn left, cross the entrance to the Fishermans Club and then shorly afterwards a left tun onto the bike path through Lance Stoddert Reserve. Routefinding from here is simple as you follow the river towards Botany Bay, passing under General Holmes Drive and striking out for the beachfront. As of Feb 2012, I've noticed Rockdale Council have been reseeding some desire lines here, so you should probably stick to the path. But desire lines are desire lines and the reseeding is, ultimately, pointless.

The path runs along the beachfront of Brighton Le Sands past restaurants, happy promenaders and, often, a stiff shore breeze, down to Sans Souci where it joins Carruthers Drive for a short stint before breaking into the Peter Depena Reserve and the George's River 16ft Sailing Club. South again past some lovely shorefront properties before paralleling Riverside Drive to the St George's Sailing Club.

At this point, you're close to the Captain Cook's Bridge over the George's River to Taren Point. This might be a good turn-round point if you're not going all the way along but the brave among us will strike out over the bridge, where the shared cycleway/footpath will deposit the intrepid rider onto Woodlands Rd.

Left at Smith Street and into Alexander Avenue (the road is marked with painted cyclway indicators every few hundred metres) brings you to the T-junction with Bay Road, tun left. Continue to the t-junction with Atkinson Road and again turn left toward an easy-to-miss cycleway entrance on the right at Mangrove Lane. Slip off Mangrove Lane just after Mobile Marine Repairs and leave the roads for cycleway.

The cycleway follows the coastline via boardwalks and wooden bridges until meeting Captain Cook Drive at Solander Playing Fields. Here, we're back on roadside cycleways until we reach Kurnell, with very easy routefinding. Simply follow Captain Cook Drive all the way out to Kurnell. You'll pass Cronulla Sharks ground and club (take care if there's a game on, there'll be both crowds and police), and you'll eventually pass the desalination plant and Caltex facility. There's a slight right turn at a roundabout in Kurnell itself, then a few hundred metres later the road bends ninety degrees left and you're at the Captain Cook's Landing Place park.

To return, you retrace your steps (with a well-signposted variation to take the other side of the bridge at Taren point) all the way to the M5 underpass after Eve Street. Here, where you originally came downhill from Marsh Street, continue instead underneath the road and turn right, following Marsh Street on the other side until you slip off to the left (just before the bridge crossing) towards St George Rowing Club. A quick ride through the edge of Cahill Park, and a short pavement section along the Princes Highway, brings you back to the junction with Holbeach Avenue near Kendrick Park, where you cross and rejoin the Cooks River cycleway and head home.

The 60km version of this run took me a little over three hours with some stiff headwinds on the northerly run past Sans Souci, on a hardtail mountain bike. A road rider should be able to eat this up much more quickly, as it's mostly flat

The Path towards Homebush

Heading towards Homebush, I again join the path at Boat Harbour. The path goes under Canterbury Road via a very narrow path, where it's perhaps advisable to dismount. I've been known to ride myself right into the wall here, so take that seriously. After that there's a short stretch of road at Broughton Street before rejoining. You'll pass Canterbury Racecourse, and Lees Park (and Tennis Courts), then into Croydon Park. There's a Road Crossing of Brighton Ave, where you cross, then turn right and then left just before the roundabout and back onto the path, which turns hard left and follows the outer edge of Picken Oval, continuing onwards into Rosedale Reserve, then Sando Reserve before you meet and cross Burwood Road

Straight across and you enter Flockhart Park and keep following the path through Brown's Reserve into Whiddon Reserve - the path here crosses someone's driveway so occasionally there are cars on the path, take care. You folloow Walsh Ave for perhaps 100m into Walsh Avenue Reserve, where you cross under George's River Road (at the point it turns into Punchbowl Road). Past another set of tennis courts. You'll note the river on the left is now more of a concrete culvert and it feels a little more closed-in. There's a road crossing at Maria Street (take care, I've had cars emerge with little warning) - the pass through Ford Park, under Water Street, onward to Dean Reserve and pedal hard until the next big road crossing, under Liverpool Road/Hume Hwy, into Chain of Ponds nature reserve. Soon you'll be leaving the side of the river, meeting Augusta Street and Myrna Road in Strathfield. Keep following the path left into Yaraweee Road, trend left again through greenery to meet Ada Ave on the north edge of Strathfield Golf Club.

You'll now go right into Melville Avenue and some street riding follows. Melville hits a T-junction at Newton Road which is followed left, across a crossroads, bearing right until it meets Barker Road. There's some odd routefinding here. You pass throguh a concrete divider to find yourself on Centennial Avenue not far from the Rookwood Necropolis. Logic may say to cross the road here, don't do it, just go north a few metres and pass back through the concrete barrier, and you'll find yourself on Mitchell Road, quiet residential street alongside Hudson Park Golf Course. Follow this all the way down until you hit Arthur Street, turn right then left and follow Hampstead Road down into Flemington/Homebush West. You can cross the railway by turning left onto Centennial Drive, but it's horrible, and the path instead goes right until it meets Bridge road over the railway, and this will take you down to Parramatta Road/Great Western Highway.

It's not over yet. You're only in Homebush West, not in Olympic Park. Cross the GWH, and you'll be on Hillcrest Street. Turn left and you'll see a bridge which crosses the M4 Motorway. If you've driven out along the M4, you'll have seen this footbridge, well now you've ridden over it. You'll find yourself on Pomeroy Street. You'll want to go find the waterside path again, so head down Pomeroy, crossing Underwood Road at the lights, past a small roundabout and shortly you'll hop off the street to the left onto a creekside path again, and you're on the last stretch to Olympic Park.

Two choices here. There's a bridge ahead. You can cross the creek onto its right-hand bank, turn left and go past more tennis courts to enter Olympic Park at Victoria Avenue (passing under Homebush Bay Drive) - this gives you a nice clean run up to Rhodes - or you can go straight ahead and ignore the bridge on the right, crossing instead into the park proper at Bressington Park, passing under Homebush Bay Drive and entering Bicentennial Park by the left-hand bank - though there are some steps this way.

There are a few circuit rides in Olympic Park if you want them. I generally thrash up to Rhodes, take a quick water and fruit bar break, then turn round and hammer back.

The full length of the path both ways? Something like 100km or so. One of these days I'll MapMyRide the lot.

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