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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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Vaccination Saves Lives: Stop The Australian Vaccination Network

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Anti-vaccinationists are a danger to public health. Here in Australia, the Australian Vaccination Network are the most vocal group peddling nonsense about vaccines. They're the reason Stop The AVN exists.

VOTE FOR SAVN IN THE SHORTY AWARDS - Please only vote if you have an existing account. Votes from new accounts don't count and may result in disqualification. (tracking page here)

Meryl Dorey at Woodford 2011/12

Operation Nutcracker

AVN vs HCCC result goes to AVN - reactions

My Blogs on the AVN and anti-vaxxers in general

Blog search for Meryl Dorey

On the topic of antivax knight-in-shite-ing-armour "Prof." Brian Martin

On the topic of paranoid NWO-fearing creep-loon Erwin Alber

In General

Some screenshots attached to this page - because a wiki is better for storing unstructured data than a blog.


Blogs by SAVNers

The blogs often (sometimes exclusively) feature information countering the antivax lobby in Australia and worldwide

... more to follow

Aaaaaaand... How to use Meryl's own assertions to prove the unvaccinated are more at risk than the vaccinated:

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