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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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The Anderson's Firetrail MTB ride can be linked into the Oaks Firetrail/singletrack ride for a big day out. This wiki page is my route notes for the run

  • Oaks is ~28km (56km return)
  • Andersons is ~31km (62km return)

(both figures from Trailflix, may include some on-road)

As a Loop

Park in Glenbrook, head outwards, turn round at the Anderson's Trailhead (or the QVHor McMahons Lookout, which might be the better 'lunch' spot but adds a lot of KMs, or perhaps Battleship Tops).

  • Car start: Leave the Great Western Highway at Ross Street, just after the information centre. Turn left where it joins Burfitt Parade/Bruce Road. Park on Bruce Road near the railway line
  • Train start: Head east on Burfitt Parade, to join Bruce Road as above.

Oaks traildesc here

The oaks helipad has a Foursquare venue, there are also a couple in the Blue Labyrinth

One Way

Probably best tackled from Wentworth Falls heading downhill to Glenbrook. Two cars required if driving (meet at the Trail head on Bruce Road, Glenbrook, Load all bikes into one car and drive to the QVH. Ride the trails, take the car back from Glenbrook to park at the QVH), or get a return train ticket to WF, hopping on at Glenbrook when you finish.

  • Car start: Queen Victoria Hospital on Tableland Road in Wentworth Falls, at the trailhead.
  • Train start: Wentworth Falls Station. Heading back down the Great Western Highway, meet Tableland Road at the Pot shop, cross with care. Follow Tableland Road to trailhead at the QVH.

The McMahon's lookout track starts here. several kilometres along, the Anderson's Trail branches off to the left. RIDE!

The Joinup Section

This is where the two trails meet via some short on-road.

The Oaks meets Andersons in Woodford. Leaving the Oaks, you hit Taylor road. Turn left and follow this. It bends right into Sutton Street, which meets Bedford Road. Turn left. Bedford Road becomes the Murphy's Firetrail, which meets Andersons. There's a right turn off Murphy's to join Anderson's. Don't miss it.

In reverse, heading back towards Woodford keep an eye out for the Sutton Street sign on the right, turn here, then left again until the start of the Oaks is noted on the right.


The full 2-way is a big day out. Swapping Ingar (on Trailflix as "Murphy's Firetrail") for the outward section of Anderson's, takes a little distance (6km) - and a little steepness - off and adds a more logical turnaround, rather than an arbitrary stop-and-return, you get an actual loop.

Refill Camelbak at the Woodford end of the Oaks (there's a tap here), to ensure making it right round without running out. Finish with the Oaks singletrack.

I rode Oaks-Ingar-Anderson's-Oaks on 24 Mar 2012 and found that I came up just short of 100km, necessitating a quick blast around suburban Glenbrook to get the magic 100. Click the link for the full story.


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