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A Drunken Wiki is the companion wiki to the blog "A Drunken Madman", written by Jason Brown.


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Why the name?

My blog is called "A Drunken Madman", because originally it was intended to be a place for me to really let rip and have a good old-fashioned rant, preferably over a few beers. It's evolved a bit over time, but still retains a ranty air. This wiki was started as a companion to the blog, to handle the non-linear, non-news-based, unstructured information that I feel the need to spew out on occasion. Hence A Drunken Wiki. My Twitter name is, of course, taken from the blog title.

Why the wiki?

Because I felt a need for a place to post in a less linear fashion than the blog. I wanted somewhere to post code snippets, links, pictures and the unstructured detritus of an online life. Of course, shortly afte starting the wiki, its usefulness as an advocacy hub became clear - it allows me to track activity around a given event much more easily than a blog post would, so this wiki will probably become an occasional destination for SAVN and skeptical projects.

Wait, Back Up A Second. WHAT is a wiki?

You mean you've never visited Wikipedia? OK, fair enough, everyone uses it but not everyone understands it. A wiki is, basically, a website that can be edited, online, using a simple markup format, by potentially anyone. It's a fantastic way of presenting and managing unstructured but possibly related data, and is to my understanding, very close to the way Tim Berners Lee originally envisaged his World Wide Web hypertext project - easily editable, richly interlinked and agile.

This wiki is edited solely by me (see next section), but some pages will get guest editors, especially as I add activism hubs like Operation Nutcracker and Shorty Awards 2012 Tracking.

And who am I?

Jason Brown. Attempted polymath. Nerd. Nationality: Drunkard. Former this, former that and former the other. Reluctant Social Media Expert. Ukulele player. Guitar player. Bass player. Some other stuff player. Occasional Podcaster. Programmer. Bookworm. Gamer. Owner of entirely unsuitable cars. SharePoint Administrator, Architect and Developer (sometimes all three simultaneously). Skeptic and Atheist. One Administrator of Stop The AVN - therefore 1/3000th of the 2009 Australian Skeptic of The Year. Overcommitted.


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