Sydney Drinking Skeptically

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Sydney Drinking Skeptically happens monthly, on the "teenth Tuesday" (whichever tuesday falls on a number with the 'teen' postfix) somewhere in Newtown. Facebook can tell you more.

Things like this might happen

As I walked into the room, I saw a figure in the shadows, an air of seductive mystery as his form was hidden by the velvet drapes. My heart fluttered as I moved closer, aware that his nakedness matched my own. I longed to be within his warm, tight embrace.

He turned towards me and spoke. The words were like gasoline to the bonfire of my loins.

"These windows are likely from the Edwardian period, which suggests that the premises were renovated after the fire of 1743. Tell me, do you play DnD?"

--- by Ben Bale, who needs a medal