Shorty Awards 2012 Tracking

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The 2010 Shorty awards in Health triggered some chaos, with fraudulent voting, disqualifications and an eventual result for science, with Rachael Dunlop taking the award. Some background can be found here

Anyway, I've kicked off a campaign to vote up @StopAVN in the "Activism" category, and this page will be a tracking page for any shenanigans that ensue, including tracking and analysing votes for the AVN.

There is debate over nominating in the #health category instead. Feel free to do both, but Stop The AVN is not a health provider. It is a loosely-organised activist group. I would much prefer you vote for an actual doctor/researcher/health advocate in the #health category - such as, perhaps @oracknows or @DrJenGunter or @stevennovella.

If you want to vote for @StopAVN, please follow this link, but do NOT create a new account just for voting.

Nominate Stop the AVN for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Stop the AVN for a social media award in the Shorty Awards